Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Underwear for Stretching: Problems & Solutions

This is one of those areas that I learned by making some uncomfortable choices. Who knew you need to choose underwear for stretching? Sorry men, I don't know much about men's underwear so I'll stick to ladys' options :D I'll also note that while I'm not going to be graphic by any means, remember this is an underwear topic =D

"Pantyart" (c) 2006 by fekaylius
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License
Problem #1: Restricting

I never thought such a small piece of clothing could be so restricting! Especially when I'm wearing a semi-opaque leotard to stretch I tend to err on the side of coverage. I get to stretch with friends but the thought of

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Crush: Krissy KiKi

There are so many reasons Krissy KiKi is this week's Weekend Crush; of all of these, the absolute top is her fun personality. What I love about KiKi is she is always upbeat, fun, and the most encouraging person. I challenge you to read her blog and NOT be inspired--it's just not possible. When she's not giving tips on how to be yourself, or putting herself out there being all kinds of KiKi wacky, she's posting helpful comments.  Incidentally, KiKi is running a 1 Year Pole Dancing Scholarship and a 30 Day Pole Dancing Scholarship through StudioVeena, check them out and apply by May 1st.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Crush: Jenyne Butterfly

Jenyne is what I call more of a "pole athlete" (for comparison, Anastasia is more of a "polerina" to me). She definitely rocks some power moves, like her signature Iguana-mount Air Walk--and some killer muscles at that. She's the super athlete, yet flirty and adorable down to the small gestures she makes with her hands. So many reasons to love her!

Even better, she's super flexy! What is there not to love about a woman that can stick her legs straight behind her head? And her Extended Allegra... an absolute dream. So maybe I pretend to be Anastasia when I'm stretching. Maybe. She certainly is a whole lot of inspiration in one person!

I found a YouTube video the other day that made me love her all the more because she held a lot of her
poses--most of them, in fact! I wish pole dancers wouldn't whip through moves so fast. It's a big complaint of mine, maybe just because I am a newer poler and I don't catch the individual moves as they switch quickly, or maybe it is just too jerky for me. I haven't quite decided but I know I love performances where the move is held so it can be fully appreciated, and I think Jenyne more than delivered!