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Monday, April 4, 2016

When You Fall Out of Love with Your Fitness Routine [Do This]

For the longest time I was willing to move heaven--and squirmy two-year-old children--to get my workout on.

No matter what, you would see me trying pole holds and other upper body work--even ab work (ugh, ab work!).

And then I slowly didn't.

I stopped forcing my schedule to match Skype workouts with my amazing pole friends. I stopped doing that ab work. All sorts of clothes found a home in my pole room and all over the treadmill.

The one thing that kept me in some sort of shape, even when I no longer prioritized my workouts, was going out for open ice. Ever since my first time watching figure skating I have been inspired by the amazing strength, flexibility, and flow of skating. Being on the ice, even just to move clumsily across it, felt magical.

All the magic of pole is gone for me.

I don't feel motivated to practice my spins anymore--and it's okay. I'm finally okay with saying goodbye to pole and hello to whatever is next, to whatever feels good.

My one rule for fitness still stands:

it has to feel amazing.

Whatever you do to get your heart working, it has to make you feel like your glowing from within. It has to be something that reminds you of your power, regardless of what your body looks or feels like. Your workout should make you feel sexy. It should make you feel like you can crush any limit.

So when you're stuck:

  • Take time to consider if what you've been doing--running, pole, or yoga--just isn't feeling good.
  • If you still love your fitness strategy in theory but not in practice try switching things up.
  • Make a new, more upbeat playlist.
  • Could it be time to invest in the right gear to help you make your next milestone?
  • Try making a mood board on Pinterest, pinning all your inspiration in one place

Here's to a new journey, of stretching and strengthening, of finding power and grace within our own bodies!

What was it like to fall out of love with your fitness routine? Would you recommend anything else for getting un-stuck?

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