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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to Perfectly Combine Coffee & Yoga | R'stoyours Review

How to perfectly combine your coffee & yoga routines with reusable k-cups

Some days are must-have-coffee days.

In the true yogi spirit, though, it's hard to stomach the massive amount of trash, clutter (k-cup stash!), and environmental impact of k-cups. Finally having a Keurig to simplify life = not so simple. Well... having a k-cup machine at the school parent group anyways; I'm donating these to the school after writing this.

Being a systems person I am pretty excited to share my solution to yoga happiness + coffee bliss.

How to perfectly combine your Coffee & Yoga routines

Possibly my worst sin against stretching is my nasty habit of skipping a warm up... and I know you're no stranger to being too busy to worry. In the one minute it takes to brew you can get started on some quick jumping jacks or running in place--let your coffee cool to perfection while you finish.

Here's the quick breakdown:

How to combine your yoga and coffee routines: 1) Grab a reusable kcup (these are R'stoyours) 2) spoon in grounds 3) Morning warmups (Brew time = get those muscles warm!)

How it works:

Because I'm eternally curious I also tried this in a shot glass. Outside. In the snow. The pictures are much better than they'd have been inside--now you see why I shoot everything outside, haha! I used the R'stoyours reusable k-cups as I got them free to review and they seemed easier to use than other brands. (For example, brand name Keurig k-cups are massive and require removing a huge weird part of the machine... yeah I'd rather not lose any more kitchen gadgets.)

The good, the bad, the lovely:

I love that there is no waste! I am so sick of taking the trash out when I have so much to learn over here. I felt a nasty twinge every time I threw out a plastic little cup--I will still use them, just not as a default.

The bad... I honestly have no complaints this round. I'll come back and edit if I have issues.

My favorite part is getting to use regular coffee grounds! Yay! Even though I'm no connoisseur of coffee I really hate the *idea* that I am limited to what I can buy in disposable form.  

What are your morning routines? Any tips on how to get those warmups done?

I want to hear what you do to get ready in the morning--and to keep yourself from skipping warmups on stretch days. Comment below!

Coffee Cup Image:
Bright layers are the cure for grey days by Carolyn Coles, CC Atribution 2.0 License

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